LGBTQ Feature: I am alone, so are you.. (Friday Night World Premiere)

Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi Akele...

Directed by Harish Vyas

Cast: Anshuman Jha, Zareen Khan

Co-Presented By NewFest
Life is dull, for the most part. But every once in a while, there comes a moment that makes a mark, a day that changes the course of our respective paths. The film begins on one such day when a girl from Meerut, Mansia, and a boy from Chandigarh, Veer, run away from their respective homes on their wedding day and bump into each other at a club in Delhi.  As if fate had destined them to spend more time together, they both end up being on a road trip together from Delhi to Mcloed Gunj…a road trip that makes them discover the love in friendship, a road trip that changes two lives.



Ticket includes the Short Saho.. What’s your limit?

Dates & Times
Village East Cinema

Fri, Nov 22
7:00 pm

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