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SAIFF 2016


Directed by Rohit Mittal

Feature Competition / India / 2016 / 98 mins / Hindi with English subtitles / New York City Premiere

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Autohead (FEATURE) preceded by Veham (SHORT)

Village East Cinema
Saturday, December 3, 2016 2:30 pm


A documentary crew follows a notorious auto rickshaw driver in the suburbs of Mumbai. As they dig deeper in his life they discover angst, sexual frustration and paranoia. This changes the course of their film. It also depicts the voyeurism of the crew in the process and leads to a terrible end.

Director's Bio

Rohit Mittal was born In Mumbai, India on 26th July 1987. He finished high school in Mumbai and then went to law school in Pune, India. While in law school he discovered world cinema and literature. He made some short films while in law school. He also ran a literary journal called Perception publishing works of local writers and himself. After graduating from law school he worked in a law firm in Mumbai while still making short films over the weekends. He felt claustrophobic in the law firm and decided to quit his job and go to film school. He then went to film school in the USA to study direction. He graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2013. By the end of the film school he had around 15 unfinished short films because he did not have money for post production (sound and color grading.) After film school he worked in a production house in L.A as a writer and assistant editor. By that time he became desperate to make his first feature film. So he decided to go back to India where he wrote the script for Autohead and gathered the funding to make the film. He borrowed money from friends and relatives to make the film and later found a producer to finish the film.


Narayan: Deepak Sampat
Roopa/Prostitute: Ronjini Chakroborty
Mohan: Vikrant Singh
Amma/Mother: Jhanvi Dwivedi
Ajay: Ajay Mishra
Director: Rohit Mittal
Camera Man: Sunny Bannerjee
Sound Man: Ravidev Singh

Preceded By

  1. Veham

    Hassan Amin / HBO Short Film Competition / Pakistan / 2016 / 14 mins
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Dates & Times

Autohead (FEATURE) preceded by Veham (SHORT)

Village East Cinema
Saturday, December 3, 2016 2:30 pm