Love You Bahut Saara

Directed by Rajesh Bachchani

Cast: Prashantt Guptha, Revathy, Vikram Gokhle

Set in present-day Nainital, the story revolves around the life of an elderly couple, Jagjivan and Suru. The love story of the elderly couple goes back 50 years when they were little children, willing to do anything for each other. For the most part, these decades were spent peacefully with the day to day happenings in the life of a married couple. Recently, the wife begins to suffer from dementia and when an episodic attack strikes, her mind travels back into time and the present fades. Late one night, a young ‘thief’ by the name of Ali enters their home to steal a simple old heater. What starts as a confrontation between the couple and Ali, develops into a friendship of sorts. The relationship between Ali and Suru evolves into a mother-son bond, which further deepens over their shared love for Urdu poetry. One day, a potential tragedy overcomes Suru, and Jagjivan and Ali set out to bring back Suru’s magical smile and reprise her childhood dream.