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The South Asian International Film Festival is unparalleled in its sponsorship opportunities for organizations and individuals. By appealing to the most lucrative demographic in the country, sponsors will find that their investment is rewarded not only with significant return, but also the prestige of being linked with a ‘high-end’ festival and a truly cutting-edge, brand-loyal, energized audience.




  • South Asians are the single most lucrative demographic in the country
  • South Asians retain the highest disposable income and strongest purchasing power of any ethnic group in the US
  • South Asian Americans have a median income of $88,000
  • South Asian Americans have consistently shown the highest brand loyalty of any demographic group
  • Key sponsors will have tremendous exposure and ability to distinguish themselves not only to the festival-goers, but also to an international South Asian audience. Recent cover stories in Newsweek, Time, Time Out, and other major magazines have foretold what’s clearly becoming a reality: South Asian chic is taking over the world.


Sponsorship opportunities include:
Individual Event Sponsorships
Individual Award Sponsorships
Sampling and Distribution
On-site Marketing
Celebrity Appearance Tie-Ins
Premium Giveaways
Product Placement
Advertising Press Coverage
Direct Mailers
Email Distribution
In-Venue Signage
Media Events
Partnership Programs


To learn more about levels of sponsorships and customize a sponsorship package for your company, contact us at: or call us at 646-330-4172.