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Clowning with Shakespeare (Documentary)

Directed by Siddhartha More

Rajat Kapoor, an Indian filmmaker & actor collaborates with fellow actors from Bollywood to put up a theater play that turns Shakespearean stories into a modern tale with an unconventional twist. Rajat’s clowning act of interpreting Shakespearean classics makes for an unbelievably appealing storytelling. The creative exploration of Rajat and his team is discomforting, entertaining, and addictive at the same time.

Clowning with Shakespeare explores the abstract sense of creativity and the process of storytelling followed by Rajat Kapoor and his team in their bid to put up another heart-warming story on the stage for the dying breed of the theater audience.

In the creative domain, there are no set rules. Rajat Kapoor understands this better than anyone else. He’s not afraid to reveal himself. At times he appears clueless, at times he appears all-knowing, and at other times, he appears a madman with an agenda.

Yet his team puts up with him knowing in the end, he’s going to lead them ashore to their destination. In the true sense, he’s Captain Jack Sparrow leading a bunch of pirates towards the promised lands.

The talented team has surrendered to his vision. Even when he asks for the classic Shakespearean quotes to be replaced by gibberish, they don’t flinch. And off they go dancing around, mixing mindless gibberish along with Shakespearean words to create a masterpiece of their own.

It is a marvel to witness these versatile artists putting on abstract paints on their faces and clowning around spewing gibberish.  And before we know it, we have witnessed Shakespearean stories in a new light. One that is engaging, exciting, and elevating even to the newer generation.