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Shadow of the Night

Directed by Radhakrishnan Parthiban

Cast: Brigida Saga, Radhakrishnan Parthiban, Robo Shankar, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar

Nandhu, a wealthy, film financier is absconding from the media and the police, wanted in connection with a suicide he may be responsible for.

With his wife and child gone, fallen prey to the rumours, he finds no will to stick around. Trying to get away from everything and everyone, he journeys through the struggles of his internal
guilt, whiles searching for the man responsible for it all.

He’s not guilty of the crime he’s been accused of, but that isn’t to say that he hasn’t been tormented by guilt for a long time. He goes to an old dilapidated building of some consequence to his past, now sealed by the court.
He records a voice note on his phone, to make it clear to the world who he really is. He clarifies that he’s not as bad as the media portrays him to be, he’s way worse! As he walks through the shambles covered in plant growth, he speaks about the defining moments of his life; and corresponding visuals appear on screen, as randomly as his
stream of thought. Unaware that his mother is dead, all covered in her blood, lay his tiny infant hands gripping her chest, trying to suckle for milk. So horrific was his introduction to the
world. He grew up in a valueless society, filled with lust, greed, temptation and betrayal. Having seen only downers all his life, he learnt to fight hard, to do whatever it takes to survive in this cruel world which metamorphosed him into someone he despises himself.

This story of guilt and trauma unfolds in the most unexpected ways when the protagonist interacts with the elements of his past. We follow him, as a reflection of his shadow, eventually leading us to only one question… will Nandhu find redemption?

This is a tale about a dark, gloomy man, searching for a tiny speck of light, ignoring the shadow that walks behind him; not realising that the shadow is evidence of light’s