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Directed by Maya Bastian

Cast: Anne Kasthury Saverimuthu

TIGRESS is a short, dramatic film that explores the phenomena of militant rebellions. It addresses the disparity between diaspora youth who rebel with drugs and partying, and the youth who rebel by arming themselves and going to war.

Trina, a stubborn and rebellious 20-something, has gone to the motherland as an aid-worker during the war. Once there, she finds herself overwhelmed by the traumas she witnesses and
turns to partying hard with her fellow volunteers as a way to cope. One night during a drunken foray, she encounters another version of herself as a paramilitary fighter for the notorious Tamil Tigers — and her sense of western privilege collides with the reality of her ancestors.

“ A devastating portrayal of a lost generation…it moved me deeply.”
-Marcin Luczaj, New Europe Films

“Dreamy visuals, great performance and certainly relatable to a POV that many first and second generation struggle with”
– Ravi Srinavasan, TIFF