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Directed by Mitali Ray

Cast: Bilkish Jahan Jaba, Nasir Uddin Khan

A raging fire has burned away Azim’s career, his ability to move, and his future. His office has turned a blind eye to his suffering. Azim’s wife Momota is forced to take any job that comes her way. She reluctantly starts working as a maid for hire. Her limited income can barely support her family. Arif tries to help out as much as he can, caring for his paralyzed father and elderly grandfather every day. Neighbors keep offering advice, saying that Arif should take the job of a child laborer to support his family. But is he ready to give up on his education?

Our story begins a year after the fire. Azim’s wounds have begun to fester.

Momota is still trapped in the life of a maid. But she dreams of escape. She seeks paths out of this life through a photograph that she finds in a client’s house. She wants to return to the dream she had when she married Azim. She dreams of a family free of suffering.

But reality drags her back. Its chains take the form of obligations, agony, want, and need. This city, this world has turned into a cage. Can Momota experience a moment of warmth, an instance of respite?