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Lakadbaggha (The Hyena) – Opening Night Film

Directed by Victor Mukherjee

Cast: Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra

Set in Kolkata (East India) – A balls to the walls action film that deals with the underbelly of illegal animal trade. A protagonist, who lets his punches and flying kicks (Krav-Maga) do all the talking and becomes the much needed voice of our turmoiled co-habitants (Dogs) on the planet.

Present Day – “Street dogs across Kolkata are disappearing” – An antagonist runs a crazy wicked agency using the Kolkatta port to sell animals – from rare turtles to (extinct) birds & butterflies from Sunderban Jungles – but on the side also takes up illegal contracts from middle class bengali “bhodroloks” (Gen-tlemen) to take out “disturbing” street dogs. The agency is based in the deep end of Chinatown where an iconic restaurant/ Pet Shop is actually just a facade for all sorts of illegal animal trade exchange. A biryani racket (based on facts from Kolkata where dog meat is used in the dish) as an undercurrent.

This animal trade Kingpin is an ambitious hustler who has organized this crime to a meticulous level & has the local municipality in his pocket. Until his men lose a consignment – An Indian Striped Hyena (kidnapped from Corbett National Park for a delivery to Dubai) & they come face to face with the protagonist – the animal loving simpleton. A 27 year old fights for the Safety of stray dogs in Kolkata & unearths the biggest animal trade racket.

A missing dog, a missing Hyena, a female crime branch inspector – hot on everyones tail!
Bringing “Krav-Maga” as an Action form in full might to India. #Lakadbaggha (English translation:Hyena)